How weird it is :)

17 Oct

Here we go my first post not that I don’t write posts on Facebook daily but this is still different. Anyways I started the day of with my super yummy Progenex More Muscle Shake* which I mix with Almond Breeze Almond Coconut Milk* I don’t like to mix it with Water or anything else. Love love love their products. I usually do that on daily basis BUT since I have been dealing with this not wanting to go away cold for the past two weeks I haven’t been drinking my shake. Usually me and the Kids 2 to be correct age 4 and 18 month get up and get ready for preschool and the Box ( CrossFit Gym) their breakfast looks a lil different can’t really give them a more muscle shake for breakfast. So they get whatever breakfast foods we have. I also don’t keep dairy from them since they still young and like a cheese or yogurt sometimes. Anyways since this cold doesn’t go away and I haven’t been at the Box for almost 2 weeks now I had plenty of time to get more information on Paleo recipes yeahh for that boo for not getting my work out fix in. It sucks!!! Yesterday I had a pretty good day though I made Moroccan Style Meatballs in sauce which was super yummy. Got some great products from the Food Co-op and took a nap. Here is the link to the meatball recipe

Got to try it! I didn’t use cumin I don’t like it much but it was still good! Had enough to make it today’s Lunch which was great this way I didn’t have to come up with something else for the kids.

*Back to the Almond Breeze Almond Coconut Milk you can get it from Safeway there are two kinds though one with 60 calories or one with 45 calories Safeway only carries the 60 calorie one. The 15 more calories come from sugar so its either unsweetened or sweetened we want no extra sugar so we go to Fred Meyers they carry both. I believe I seen it in other Stores but can’t remember. I will keep my eyes open and update when I find more stores that carry the milk. Image Woot Woot I uploaded my first picture now you know what the milk looks like!! Reason being I have the one with sugar is I ran out and Safeway was closer then Freds. I know I know its not an excuse! Next pic is the one with 45 calories on the front..hehehe..Alright so that’s to what I use for my shakes or anything else I normally would use milk with. Here is the link to the Progenex website if your interested in one of the best protein powders available which is my personal opinion though!!! No hard feelings!! 🙂

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